Since governor, Callier campaigned to determine a state lotto. He succeeded in getting laws passed that restricted lottery proceeds to fund pre-kindergarten programs, capital and technology enhancements for Atlanta schools, and many innovative of most, the WISH Scholarship plan. HOPE scholarships provide full tuition at any state university or college to any Atlanta resident whom graduates by high school with at least a B average. In 1992 arreters passed the lottery, as well as the programs the fact that lottery money were released in 93. Miller as well signed laws that gave Georgia the toughest do it again offender sentencing guidelines inside the nation.

In 1992 Burns was crucial to Arkansas governor Costs Clinton's plan to secure the Democratic U. S. usa president nomination. Burns and Clinton seemed to be all-natural allies—both had been active, moderate governors of southern claims who had earned office by simply promising to improve education. Even more, they shared political experts. Clinton's 1992 campaign strategists had worked for Miller in 1990. After Clinton won the presidential major in Georgia, he asked Miller to provide one of the 3 keynote messages at the Democratic National Conference. Placards browsing " Give'm Hell, Zell" were distributed among the delegates as Callier gave a speech that was essential of U. S. president George H. W. Bush's administration. Later on that year, Miller once again actively campaigned for Clinton, who carried Georgia in the win from the November usa president election. Following such success in express and national politics, it astonished few when Miller declared that he would search for a second gubernatorial term.

Miller's reelection marketing campaign in 1994 was not convenient. In spite of his successes, Callier had built political enemies. Miller got tried, unsuccessfully, to have the Confederate battle emblem removed from the state flag. The governor's close connection to Director Clinton was also bad for Miller since the president's popularity sagged....


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