The final movie i saw was a great Indian film it's referred to as my name is Khan is about a Indian Muslim who is extremely intelligent, but he suffers from Autism, his mom clarify him that: there are two only types of person on the globe good folks who do great deeds and bad who also do bad. He travels for the United States to live with his sibling, and after an interval within the events of September 11 globe upside down, and begins to American society is viewed Muslims presently there as terrorists and killers, comes the turning point tragic in the film with the getting rid of of Samir son of his wife by a number of Americans college students, the offense drama trembling conscience and send a sadness. His wife asked him to not return right up until he explains to everyone that his name is Khan which is not a terrorist, and wish him notify also the President of the United States, Khan took the subject seriously, and began a good journey interview U. H. President, he suffered from a number of difficult situations and racism, but in the conclusion he handled everything in spite of his autism, nothing is not possible because his deep comprehension of the meaning and true Islam, the film ends with khan meeting the chief executive Barack Obama, " I'm Khan and i also am not just a terrorist. " khan stated I like the idea when he reached U. S even with his disease he managed to get employment, the thing that all of us can't believe it is in another country, U. S is a places which will everyone could fulfilled his goal, I actually also like the places he visited including Washington, bay area Arizona, and Georgia. I actually don't like the changes in American's behavior and culture after the black working day 9/11, the Islam phobia and unjustified attacks against innocents Muslims. List:

Fulfilled: feeling happy and satisfied you happen to be doing something useful with your your life Meanwhile: inside the period of time among two times or two events Fools: a person who you believe behaves or speaks in a manner that lacks intellect or very good judgment Mercilessly: showing simply no kindness or pity


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