should plastic-type material bag always be banned

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 Essay regarding should plastic material bag be banned

Today I'll talk about plastic material bags and whether they must be banned. As you may know, plastic carriers are one of the primary sources of junk that wrap up polluting each of our rivers and oceans. Actually the problem is now so tremendous that a enormous island of rubbish that contains plastic hand bags and other items has shaped in the middle of the Northern Gulf of mexico. The area infected by this junk is so huge that it includes an area more than the size of Down under. So should plastic luggage be banned?

Plastic material bags certainly are a non-biodegradable, which means it they cannot decompose naturally. So they will remain on the earth forever. Plastic bags may cause environmental devastation and injury human well being when they enter into our environment. Polluting of the environment from plastic bags may make garden soil unfertile and will cause chest diseases like asthma once toxic gases are emitted from burning plastic bags. Plastic hand bags are also accountable for the deaths of many animals on property and in the ocean. For example , scientists have discovered sea turtles that have swallowed plastic luggage because that they mistake them for jellyfish. Sea frogs can live for many years and they are very important pertaining to the biodiversity of our seas. Many are right now suffering sluggish and unpleasant deaths since they cannot absorb a plastic bag once swallowed. Why exactly should we continue to use plastic bags when we only use them when? Because they can not be recycled, we should consider using other more lasting bags. Cases already can be found in other countries where they encourage the use of painting bags in supermarkets. Actually plastic carriers have been banned all together from one major city in Australia. Even though banning plastic material bags is usually unlikely to get supported in Malaysia, we really need an education plan to inform everyone about environmentally friendly problems caused by plastic luggage. Then, people may think 2 times before using a plastic bag next time they go shopping.

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will need to plastic bag be banned
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