For what reason a billion strong Indians can find just one person who may win honor? There's a reasons why Indians carry out badly in sports that want high numbers of physical fitness ONE of the most lavish functions thrown in London this week to mark the beginning of the Olympic Games was that managed by the London-based Indian stainlesss steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal for India's Olympic team. It had been in effect a celebration of any larger purchase that the billionaire has made in Indian athletics. Since june 2006, he has been funding the $10 mil Mittal Champions Trust to support 10 Indian athletes with " globe beating potential". В However , it's a dangerous investment in an historically feeble enterprise. To get India, irrespective of its great population (1. 22 billion at the previous count) and genetic diversity, has had a great astonishingly unimpressive record in international athletic achievement. В

Mittal began his trust after seeing India win just one medal each year at the Games in 1996 (bronze), 2150 (bronze) and 2004 (silver). In Beijing in 2008, the American indian team earned three medals including a gold, but was rated 50th among all the countries participating, lurking behind tiny countries like Athens, Finland as well as the Dominican Republic. В

How do India too bad at games, with the obvious exceptions of cricket, handbags and, to a lesser degree, squash? В В В В В В В В В В В В В В

Although people like to explain it regarding poor athletics infrastructure as well as the corruption that undoubtedly afflicts sports operations in India, it is far more a matter of culture. Generally India is definitely weak in sports that need high levels of physical fitness. This kind of largely reflects caste and class attitudes to physical effort. This is a society through which even middle-class people may have a servant bring them a glass of water coming from just a few toes away: for years and years, high status has somewhat derived from not enough physical effort plus the abundance of other people to adopt the strain for you personally. It is only incredibly recently that elite Indians have began jogging...


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