п»їCU2646 Meet Meals and protection requirements when providing food and drink for individuals

1 ) Understand the significance of food safety measures when featuring food and drink for individuals

1 . you Identify potential food basic safety hazards when preparing, serving, eliminating and saving food and drink

While preparing food, you must be sure the area is completely clean and free of bacterias before starting. Brush your cutting table after each use, using whiten or disinfectant solution cleaning after chicken or fowl. Keep food at appropriate temperatures, to avoid bacterial development and the probability of food poisoning. Keep hot foods warm, and cool foods cool. Be careful not to cut yourself with sharp cutlery, or burn up yourself with hot essential oil or hot water. Keep chemical substances stored in independent area by foods. The moment clearing away, make use of clean material to wash table, not really leftover napkins - to avoid spreading bacteria. Most importantly, make sure you wash both hands thoroughly before and after food preparation and after cleaning up 1 . 2 Describe the importance of implementing meals safety measures once providing food and drink for individuals

It's important to be able to reduce the potential for food poisoning, which is an illness caused by consuming food polluted with microbial, biological or chemical toxins. Make sure you practice good health, by cleaning your hands, cleansing utensils before using again, heating effectively and storing properly. We need to comply with into the safety guidelines; policies and procedures of setting. 1 . 3 Make clear why personal protective garments should be utilized when handling food and drink

Wearing PPE will protect food coming from contamination such as dust, hairs, fibres, and prevent the pass on of bacteria or bacterias. They must become worn just on meals preparation/serving location.

1 . 4 Clarify why floors, utensils and equipment must be clean before beginning a new job

By washing the surfaces and other equipment matter on which bacterias grows is definitely...


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