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VICTOR PLAZA JOSEPH IAN B. SABADO PA 505A – Open public Policy Issues and Research

DR . VICTOR EMMANUEL OZARRAGA Graduate Research Program Father Saturnino Urios University Butuan City

Aug 24, 2013

Executive Brief summary In most expanding cities, value volume of the traffic requires suitable legislative enactment wherever different ways of vehicles traverses in the City. Regarding Butuan, different local general public transport in the form of jeepneys, multicabs and taxis, tricycles and also " power-driven trisikad” is out there. This daily news looks into the Traffic and Transportation Code as a plan instrument from the local government unit in the execute of traffic management. It assumes that good transportation program propels the development of the city, therefore the need of the development of local open public transport insurance plan. While Philippine tricycle is definitely classified being a motor vehicle consists of motorcycle when you have a single tire sidecar or with a two-wheel cab, operated as a general public transport to get a fee, Butuan City includes a wide variant of unique motorcycle innovations. And while the presence of these various methods of travel provides a variety of selections for commuters, the research would implies that with deficiency of a comprehensive rendering of visitors and vehicles policies, regional transportation would be comparable to ful disorder.

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Table of Contents My spouse and i. II. 3. Title Page Executive Synopsis Research Structure A. Insurance plan Description a. Statement with the policy m. Brief good the plan c. Trouble description N. Policy Environment a. Physical and social forces affecting the policy b. Economic forces impacting on the insurance plan c. Politics forces influencing the insurance plan C. Recommendation/ Policy Alternatives III. Versus. References Bout


Launch The City of Butuan is a regional centre of the Caraga Region and one of the highly urbanized metropolitan areas in the Israel, the only one in the area. The latest research by the Countrywide Competitive Authorities of the Korea (NCCP) placed Butuan because the 4th most competitive associated with the Philippines.

*Based on the 2013 Metropolitan areas and Municipalities Competitiveness Index of the Countrywide Competitiveness Council Philippines and USAID.

One of the indicators mentioned by the ranking system was the presence of able infrastructure facilitating market growth, which include efficient visitors system and transportation management. The importance of enabling system and travel system in development cannot anymore be overemphasized. In the Economist Intelligence Study of Microfinance completely, the Israel ranked initial in regulatory framework, subsequent in total business environment, and fourth in institutional development. Whilst with the 3 component of the analysis means an excellent performance, the nation ranked only 18th in investment weather component, including among others the adequacy of infrastructure and efficient transportation system.


A. Insurance plan Description The first local transportation-related policy in Butuan Metropolis was the enactment of the Targeted traffic Ordinance in 1996. This is only successively revised in 2000, with minor amendments in 2001 and 2006. Transportation and traffic guidelines were consolidated in 2010 consonant with the Land Transportation and Traffic Code. Generally, the Code suggested a short-term plan on the formulation of traffic management schemes and public transportation routing and blood flow aimed at improving traffic congestion. The ordinance has become amended every now and then to take into account the changing conditions of city development. The table below shows the several local ordinances enacted by LGU. Summary of Neighborhood Transportation and Traffic Related Policies of Butuan Metropolis YEAR 2k 2001 2006 2010 LOCAL POLICY NOT ANY Ordinance No . 2282 Ordinance No . 2316 Ordinance Number 2928 Code No . 3616 TITLE Visitors Ordinance of...

References: APPENDIX A Map of Butuan City as well as Neighboring Cities

Source: NSO Caraga, 2005


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