About what extent was nationalism the main cause of English decolonisation

Decolonisation is the method by which autorite disintegrated and colonies obtained in dependence. Britain decolonised between the years 1947 and 1964, nationalist movements was considered the main reason for decolonisation of the Uk empire, but in which other factors in the same way significant?

The uk had prospered during the war with a victory however; this left these severe economic and cost-effective set-backs. The other World Battle weakened the British economy this in turn reduced their real power to maintain control of their colonies, Britain often used emergencies; which in turn allowed them to buy time from nationalists which could weaken their interest. That they needed to ‘cling' to their disposition, as it was the only source of support for their overall economy, they were in a position to sell inexpensive goods for more and spending their workers a low wage added to their economy. However some would argue that due to the low wage paid out to the workers this caused them to not be able to buy point as they had been too expensive. Britain was shadowed by the Usa and the Soviet Union, Britain's status was way throughout the hierarchy, both of these superpowers made an international climate which the booking of the disposition was quickly difficult. Nevertheless , the empire provided amount of resistance from the US and USSR. Britain was also increasing the spending on nuclear weapons, rather than on weapons and soldiers in the cold conflict therefore , The uk couldn't authorities the battle. They necessary army protection clearly nuclear dependence was not needed. During the war time Japanese, Burma etc were revealing the weakness with the British imperial power, this gave aspire to other areas starting with India. The nationalist's movement was led by Mahatma Gandhi and the Of india nationalist's our elected representatives to totally free India, India eventually through a lot of hardship gained freedom this surely accounted while significant, that shows Britain's weakness. This kind of...


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