The theme of Fahrenheit 451 written by Beam Bradbury consists of a placing of a world where society itself was destructive. In this story heroes and society are portrayed to be soulless and self-centered. Immoral things like killing in this society do not affect on characters and ignorance is known as as the norm. By the placing containing a setting where existence has no importance and entertainment is more useful, this aspect does impact the characters' frame of mind, decisions and general patterns entirely. There are many examples that describe properly how the setting impacts the character such as Clarisse, Mildred and Guy. Even though all character types are placed in a dystopia, not all heroes react not much different from the way. Most characters are consumed by their surrounding, while the establishing reflects other folks.

In the picture where Montag and Clarisse had their very own first encounter, the feeling is set since romantic and relaxing. Metropolis streets happen to be empty and calm with the moon shimmering down and creating a shape as wind lightly produces through them. It isn't a cold night yet refreshing. Clarisse walks slowly towards him enjoying every moment of the wind cleaning against her body and hair. Every thing seems to be in slow motion where there is no vehicles rushing as time goes on. The roadways are quite and full of peace. The only heroes that are going for walks down the street will be Clarisse and Montag. This setting indicates the true character of Clarisse's personality. The setting details a relaxing atmosphere where almost everything seems to get caught in place which is how Clarisse frame of mind is toward life that self. The general behavior on this character shows how the little things are what matters, enjoying the surrounding and admire the small points, which was will no longer appreciated.

In contrast to Clarisse, Mildred is a city girl who needs to go through the rush. Her attitude toward life produced her suit perfectly inside the society she was placed in. only taking care of the thrill and anything that would keep...


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