'The Rebel' and 'Festivals'

" The Rebel" is written from one third person perspective. The poet person is quite taken from his individual poem. He cites a few situations, and it is purposely adding an sarcastic twist to the poem, even while he is relating their conduct in the given situations. He can also kind of stereotyping rebels, showing just one aspect of all their behaviour. He could be taking that as a offered point that rebels generally act the same, which is why he can alluding for this certain conduct of theirs. The main focus from the poem is always to show the big difference between rebels and the other members from the general public. The poem is usually written which has a clear justification in mind for making, that is-to emphasize the importance that world has intended for rebels, to get even as the are making life tricky and, occasionally, quite unpleasant individuals, rebels are required to maintain a consistent flow of recent life and creativity-some different ways of carrying out normal issues that may be better or can just then add spice and additional interest.

" Festival", nevertheless , is drafted from a first person perspective, as viewed from the use of 'I' and 'We' inside the poem. Also, it is very much like your own recount, the persona pertains his individual experiences and feelings within a Chinese event, probably the New Year, for lion dancers and spring stance [used as good luck charms to usher within a good 12 months ahead (only used by the Chinese)] are described. The focus in the poem may be the differences, however ironic 'fake' similarities involving the persona's era and his/her grandparents, just like both years have 'door gods', nevertheless the door gods for the older generation are for religious/protection purposes, even though the door gods for youngsters are merely their very own idols, and do not really have any special significance. The poet person apparently means the obvious big difference between the 'door gods' as being a mocking juga. Although the identity and his grandparents are only regarding two ages apart, that they seem to have a totally distinct conception of everything, and are on vastly several wavelengths (cannot understand each other, don't know how you can communicate).

The persona of " The Rebel" is most likely an adult, intended for he is able to make calculated opinions of rebels, yet, staying like a regular adult, he can unable to really grasp what rebels performing and how come, he is only stating them externally. Hence, besides the reality they may be great, and are required, he is not really able to help to make any other conclusions. He seems like a typical mature, with an exasperated and irritated develop reflected in the poem. There is that regular insinuation that they are always performing the opposite, on purpose, and to not any use whatsoever. He almost certainly sees all of them constantly in the daily life undertaking fairly questionable things. In contrast, although the character of " Festivals" is actually a teenager which is unable to generate a link among his grandpa and grandma and him, he is undoubtedly quite perceptive of this space. He is a model of the current teenager and the relations together with the older generation. He can proud of his being Oriental; yet this individual realizes that being Chinese is more than simply skin color or genetics. Although he may be created a China, he offers totally no roots, no understanding regarding Chinese culture and traditions. Everything about him is English, Western, pizzas, rock hit, Shakespeare and so forth He is aware of all this, and portrays all this in a very sarcastic tone, however, a sad undertone, that he has been 'Westernized', can be believed.

The character in " The Rebel" is quite irritated, and very calumniatory towards rebels, maintaining that although it might be good as a rebel, " You may not still find it very good" to be a digital rebel against culture. He is extremely sure in his views. However , the persona in " Festivals", although showing much understanding of his situation, is unsure and sad. This individual does not just like his situation as a Westernized Chinese, however he loves Western things and contains a distaste pertaining to traditional Oriental things. He could be pensive, and shows it in an paradoxical reflection:



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