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" But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and will also be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in most Judea and Samaria, and also to the ends of the globe. ” Serves 1: 81 In the term of Goodness we see with repetition the overbearing deity who has an excellent impact with particular nation Israel, and chooses to create them His chosen lot. God certainly exists with all the assumption via scripture. You can see also in the first verse in the Bible, " In start, God created the heavens and earth. ” This gives a definite depiction with the existence of the God inside the Bible or a dominant resource. Not only do we come across a Our god in the holy book that is similar to goodness, lumination, life, and love. Around the opposite aspect of variety we see an opposing power which wishes nothing to carry out with Our god and he can referred to Satan. Satan is positioned by Christ in Ruben 10: 101 as a " thief” who have " comes only to rob and destroy and destroy”, also the best liar. When Jesus reached earth to cover the transgressions and sins of man, giving His divine life, the atonement was collection for all Jew and Gracieux would have use of salvation. (Matt 1: 21)1 Jesus is a Greek kind of Joshua, meaning the Lord saves. We know through the goodness of God in the Old Legs was with all the nation of Israel when he delivered them from the enormous hand of Pharaoh. Although there was a means of 10 trial offers which God commanded in order for his kids would be set free. Moses led Gods children for the Promise Land. In the New Testament the Father gives His precious Boy to die for almost all mankind. Following listing several examples of Gods greatness and love to get our world, He's a pure and o God. Something arises as if it is possible for the demonic nature to enter certainly one of Jesus' kids? Satan hates the Christian church together with his entire may well and spirit. He is defined in Peter; " The enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion trying to find someone to devour. ” Goodness being o and sinless, it is extremely hard for a demonic spirit to dwell within an anointed Soul filled believer. Sin are not able to abide in the presence of God because He is Holy. In order to figure out a characteristic of Goodness instead of His existence, love for mankind, we would need to track to the foundation worldwide, creation. We come across that in the first chapter of the scriptures as I mentioned earlier, in Genesis, the full creation on the planet took place. Heading from creating the day and night, to making mammals to reptiles to insects to the seasons, God said every thing he made was very good. In Style 1: 31 He says, he " observed everything He previously made, and behold, it had been very good”. This also means that He created every thing and everyone. Presently there had to have already been a different globe in heaven than the Our god created world, earth. The first person created was Mandsperson and away of his rib, Gods' divine power, also produced his better half Eve. Eve is noted of the initial woman to roam the planet earth. There is angelic world God created in heaven. There must have been a rebellion via good angels who turned against the holy Trinity and became evil. " In Satan's primal rebellion it seems that this individual drew with him a great multitude of lower celestial beings (cf. Shiny 25: 41; Rev. doze: 4). These kinds of fallen angels are split up into two distinct classes: (1) those that will be set free, and (2) that are certain. ”2 God casted the rebelling angels, a third of angelic populace, on out of God's holy occurrence in nirvana. The dropped angels that Unger brings up are free and abroad are simply just roaming in the airs and are also ruled by Satan. Satan is better known as Beelzebub, knight in shining armor of the demons (Matt. doze: 24), the tempter (Luke 4: 2), etc . Several areas and characteristics, Satan and his demons, manifest themselves with will be, " they have power over human body to cause dumbness (Matt 9: 32-33), loss of sight (Matt. doze: 22), insanity (Luke 8: 26-36), suicidal mania (Mark 9: 22), personal injuries (Mark 9: 18), and numerous physical defects and deformities (Luke 13: 11-17)....

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