The Repairing Wall

By simply Robert Ice


A stone wall membrane separates the speaker's property from his neighbor's. In spring, both the meet to walk the wall and jointly generate repairs. The speaker sees no reason behind the wall to be kept—there are no deer to be covered, just apple and pinus radiata trees. This individual does not trust in walls with regard to walls. The neighbor places to an older saying: " Good fences make very good neighbors. ” The loudspeaker remains unconvinced and mischievously presses the neighbor to look over and above the classical folly of such reasoning. His neighbour will not be influenced. The audio envisions his neighbor as being a living relic from a justifiably out of date era, a good example of a dark-age mentality. Nevertheless the neighbor merely repeats the saying.


The image at the heart of " Mending Wall” is usually striking: two men conference on conditions of civility to build a barrier between them. They do and so out of tradition, out of habit. Yet the extremely earth conspires against these people and makes their particular task Sisyphean. Sisyphus, you might recall, is definitely the figure in Greek mythology condemned perpetually to push a boulder up a hill, just to have the boulder roll straight down again. These men push boulders back together with the wall structure; yet in the same way inevitably, if because of the hunters or sprites or in the invisible hand of characteristics, the big river rocks tumble straight down again. Still, the neighbors persist. The poem, thus, seems to be based upon three styles: barrier-building (segregation, in a sense), the doomed nature on this activity, and our perseverance in this activity regardless. The speaker may possibly dislike his neighbor's unnecessary wall-building, may possibly observe the activity with hilarious indifference, nevertheless he himself goes to the wall at all times of the 12 months to mend the damage done by predators; it is the audio who associates the neighbors at wall-mending time to collection the annual appointment. Which person, then simply, is the genuine wall-builder?

Looking at it from a different point of view, the building of walls, both equally literal and figurative,...


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