The Completely happy Man

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 Essay about The Happy Man

«Life abounds with compensations»

Somerset Maugham

William Somerset Maugham is one of the most widely known English writers of the twentieth century. Bill Somerset Maugham (1874-1966), a well-known English author, short-story writer, playwright and essayist, was the son of a British diplomat. He was given birth to in 1874 in Paris, france and knowledgeable at King's School in Canterbury, researched painting in Paris, went to Heidelberg University or college in Germany and examined to be a doctor at St Thomas Medical center in England. Although Somerset Maugham did not denounce the modern day social purchase, he was critical of the morals, the narrow-mindedness and hypocrisy of bourgeois society. Maugham became internationally celebrated; his plays had been performed around the globe. Now independent and very well able to enjoy life Maugham started to travel. He traveled a whole lot and spent long periods in america, the To the south Seas and China. Although his favorite country was Spain and a great deal of his works devoted to it. As an example «The Happy man» that was written in 1927. Somerset Maugham's style of articles are clear and precise. He does not can charge his thoughts about the reader. This individual puts something and leaves it for the reader to answer it. The moment criticizing a thing he appears rather amused than otherwise.

I'd like to evaluate the text, which is entitled " The content man”. The writer is William Somerset Maugham, an English writer. He wrote novels, short stories and plays and most of them a new great industrial success. He is known to possess explored many professions which includes doctor, traveler, and playwright. There are many biographical details in his stories and characters, such as in the textual content " The happy man” the narrator and the second main persona are the doctors; and the narrator is, at the same time, a writer, because he wrote the book regarding Spain, as well as the story alone in some way focused on the process of travelling. The genre of the account is narration. The theme of the story is the take action of supplying advice. At the outset of the story the writer reflected on the subject of life, success and the difficulty of offering advices. This individual stated that it was dangerous thing to buy the life more. Anyway, the writer knew that once he had advised very well. One day a stranger frequented him, his name was Stephens and he was a doctor. Because of the fact that the narrator wrote a book about The country, Stephens wanted to figure out information about it, he planned to have there. Stephens told the narrator the story of his life; he wanted to change it and asked the narrator to give him advice. The narrator advised him in the event that he would not care of money but was happy to earn to hold body and soul together then he could get. Stephens kept him as well as the narrator forgot about that show. Many years afterwards the narrator was in Seville and had to see a doctor due to some trouble. The doctor were Stephens. The narrator discovered of result of his advice. Stephens thanked him, because he implemented the narrator's advice and was pleased with his your life. The plan structure displays the actions of the personas, presenting occasions in date order. The exposition inside the text may be the philosophical representation given in the first section. Inciting occurrence is the visit of Stephens in order to speak with the narrator. The risking actions, just like development, would be the monolog of Stephens about his lifestyle, the explanation why he wanted to visit Spain. Climax is the act of giving advice. The dropping actions will be the event if the narrator attended Seville, the need to see a doctor, because of the narrator's indisposition, the 2nd meeting of two key characters. The resolution may be the process of getting knows the end result of the action of supplying advice, it turned out a good outcome, the information of happy Stephens. The denouement consists of Stephens's thoughts about his life. Talking about the main heroes, there were two main personas: the narrator and Stephens. The narrator of the tale was described...

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The Happy Man
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