The value of Recollection

This story created from the author's understanding of the value of recollection, an understanding which will came from her observation of someone who no longer had their storage. When one has no recollection they cannot keep in mind painful symptoms in their life. Some people with remembrances of disasters, losing those memories can seem to be a true blessing. But , in the event they also are unable to recall the emotions

associated with their very own good relationships with others, it is a combined blessing. The author appears to believe that having all memories, good and bad, is better than having no memories. This book shows a convincing argument for the importance of memory. Storage is important for preventing repeating of faults. That is the place that the Receivers give their community valuable support. Without the Receivers, the community could have wanted to boost the population. But , because the Giver/Receiver had thoughts of starvation and being hungry, they averted suffering through starvation and craving for food again. Jonas learns to love through memories. Individuals in the community who have do not have recollections are unable to experience love. This has enormous importance. The Importance of the Individual

What Jonas accomplishes shows what an individual can carry out. He handles to not change his existence and the lives of Gabriel and the Provider, but likewise the lives of everyone in the neighborhood by making that possible for the memories to go to the community. Before the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas was one of a group of Elevens who were all living in line with the rules of the community.

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After the Service of Twelve, when he started to be the new Recipient, and after started receiving the memories, he developed into an individual with a life independent from that of the community. At that point, he was capable of make a difference in the life of everyone in the community. Shortly, now that they are receiving thoughts, they will also have the ability to act as...


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