The Niger Delta place of Nigeria is one of the most blessed deltas in the world, in both human being and material resources. It could be suffice to say that the damaging manner, through which these solutions have been controlled over time, is a nuisance of the regions problem today. As a result, the people of the region are prone to a number of health risks and appartenente economic constrains which intended for long has made the people more impulsive leading to youths disappointment: conflicts among youths and community frontrunners, youths and government agencies, youth adults and international companies and so forth. Attempts by simply government and multinational companies (operating in the area) to cope with this unpleasant scenario of reckless destruction of lives and house as well as interference on the query process of commodity future trading, refining and distribution of petroleum products has not yielded the desired outcomes. Considering the sum of deprivations and injuries the activities of the multinational organizations which are into crude oil research has brought on the people in the area dating back to 1956 for some communities –pollution, environmental wreckage leading to low agricultural produce, destruction of aquatic your life, home displacement, etc . It truly is obvious the fact that multinational companies operating in the area have not completed enough to meet the longing and dreams of the people. Another element observed to have further supported the tension in the area, is the failure of the international corporations to meet with their previous promises to their host residential areas. Some community representatives – community minds and youth leaders, who do discuss deals with the businesses on behalf of their very own respective residential areas, are not selfless. They are keen on what will advantage themselves and their immediate members of the family at the loss of their particular communities. Today, some of the challenges confronting the different communities in the Niger-Delta region include: 2....


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