William Somerset Maugham is one of the best known The english language writers of the 20th 100 years. He was not only a novelist, but also a one of the most successful dramatist and short-story writers. Maugham wants your readers to attract their own realization about the characters and events explained in his novels. His reputation as a novelist is based on the following prominent ebooks: " Of Human Bondage”; " The Moon and Sixpence”; and " The Razor's Edge”.

Though Maugham doesn't denounce the modern day social order, he is essential of the morals and the narrow-mindedness. Realistic portrayal of existence, keen personality observation, and interesting plots coupled with beautiful, expressive dialect, a simple, crystal clear, unadored design, place Somerset Maugham on the level with all the greatest British writers with the 20th hundred years. In general, Maugham's novels and short tales could be seen as great narrative facility, an ironic viewpoint, cosmopolitan options, and a stunning understanding of human nature.

His short stories obtained the greatest recognition. And it's right time to speculate upon one of the tales - " The Escape”- which impressed me deeply and made me personally think about its subject.

It is about a gentleman (Roger) and a woman (Ruth), their difficult relations and scheming in order to achieve diverse aims. So they are the key characters. Mcdougal hides in back of the narrator who is the secondary figure.

The importance of " The Escape”, to my thoughts, is that Roger and Ruth have diverse approaches towards relations. Of course , the men plus the women such as the first step: flowers, attentiveness, passion. But then their very own paths diverge. The relationship disappears, the man looks for just how out, this individual craves achievable emotions, but the woman deems that the contact should develop into the marriage. And " The Escape” may be the example of this kind of a mismatch.

From the very beginning the narrator convinces all of us that if the woman when made her mind to marry a guy nothing but immediate flight may save him.

One of his friends finding the unavoidable hazard prior to him, had taken ship and spent 12 months traveling throughout the world. This individual hoped the lady who was considered to be his bride would neglect him getting fickle, yet he was incorrect; when he returned thinking himself safe, the girl, from to whom he had fled, was awaiting him for the dockside. This kind of funny issue supports the concept the inescapable loom from the marriage frightens some males and they make an effort to evade that. This area of the text is some kind of preamble, it prepares the reader for the following plot-development and shows a piece of liaison. Its format is complicated, there are chemical substance sentences with many subjects and verbs of action never to loose the idea. The epithets " instant flight”, " the inescapable loom”, " menacingly” show us fear and trembling of such men. They don't know and don't esteem women, the epithet " fickle” confirms it, that why they are really afraid of difficulties of the marriage. And through these stylistic devices we all feel the author's tone, it is humorous, although this laughter is with unhealthy flavor, therefore it is natural to start with to indicate once more for the essential concepts of the associations between the gentleman and girl, but the history continues, discussing turn to the written text again.

Additional on the narrator says that he understands only one gentleman who steered clear of successfully. Not so long ago his friend, Roger Charing told him he was gonna marry. Roger was tall and attractive, rich, experienced middle-aged guy. Of course , many women wanted to get married to him. Yet he was very happy to live the life span of an single man: the epithets " sufficient experience”, " careful” give the immediate description of his life-style.

But then this individual met Ruth Barlow. This individual fell in love with her. He immediately desired to look after her and help to make her content. Ruth was twice a widow, the girl was young than Roger. She was quite good-looking and the lady had big, beautiful, darker eyes and she experienced the surprise of passione. When a man saw individuals big, sad eyes, he wanted to help...


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