" The Assyrian Empire vs, The Phoenician Empire”

Within the Assyrian and the Phoenician Empires there was truly a contrast in their corporations, goals and values. Even though the Phoenicians carried out a contemporary society based on operate and religious beliefs, the Assyrians mainly centered on expansion and control. Additionally, both kingdoms had their particular strengths and weakness in their respected societies.

During this time period the Phoenician and Assyrian empires differed in just about every aspect of culture. While the Assyrians were a total ambitions empire that wanted territorial growth and charge of trade route and urban centers, the Phoenicians made zero attempt to build a territorial disposition and targeted more within the creation of trade tracks and ports. Also, the Assyrian disposition tok much interest in big labor causes for gardening work and building assignments, while the Phoenicians also set more work at the development of ship building and seafaring, rather than building projects and agriculture.

The two of these empires also had an overall contrast in regards to their desired goals and values. Within the Assyrian empire, there are massive soldires that were well-behaved and callously disciplined. Not only does this reveals simply how much the Assyrian relied upon conquering property but it also shows how much they valued their very own military. To the contrary, the Phoenicians were more of a social empire that politics, much like the mesopotamians; the Phoenicians saw religion as very important along with laws, science and producing. This procedes show the Phoenicians highly valued the human ming and nature. In addition , the Assyrian disposition created a cruel propaganda equipment to support and justify their particular system of enlargement and inequality. Therefore demonstrating how much the Assyrians genuinely valued their interest in growth if these were willing to sit to their people to make it alright. As opposed, the Phoenicians saw simply no point in trying to lie for their people to produce it alright. In contrast the Phoenicians...


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