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" … and whenever he was irritated and could not get his terms out quickly enough, he would use his fists. He had no tolerance with defeated men. He had had no patience together with his father. ” pg. some

" Unoka was under no circumstances happy in regards to wars. Having been in fact a coward and can not endure the sight of blood vessels. ” pg. 6

" As the elders stated, if a child washed his hands this individual could consume with the kings. Okonkwo got clearly washed his hands and so he ate with all the kings and elders. ” pg. almost eight

" Night held a vague terror for these people, even the bravest among them. ” pg. 9

" If the clan had disobeyed the Oracle they can surely have already been beaten, since their…” pg. 12

" Perhaps straight down in his center Okonkwo was not a inappropriate man. Nevertheless his expereince of living was centered by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness. ” pg. 13

" There was a story of any very obstinate man who have staggered back to his property and had to be…” pg. 18

" But he threw him self into it like one possessed. ” pg. 18

" It was like pouring cause of hammer toe into a bag full of openings. ” pg. 22 Response

Okonkwo, at 18 started to be the best wrestler in his community. He conquered Amalinze the Cat. Quite often kids the actual footsteps of their parents, but obviously Okonkwo wanted to certainly be a better person than his father, Unoka. He planned to be successful and he was!

Unoka seems like a definite coward in my experience. It talks about how he would barrow people's money nevertheless never pay out them back. That is quite simply calling for a war/ deal with between his village and him. And so when it says he was under no circumstances happy in regards to wars I just think of him as a coward and somebody I more than likely want to be about.

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