GPS on phones possess led to wonderful features, for example location-based services and navigation pertaining to users, but are there bad consequences; look at a user's personal privacy? How are these claims affected, positively and negatively? T Islam


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GPS UNIT is trusted now days. From this report I will research the effect it has on user's relating to their level of privacy and basic safety as well as the rewards GPS offers provided. In today's world, where GPS DEVICE technology will be used in each of our everyday life because of it rewards such as position based providers, it is important that we realize the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. This statement will answer the following question " GPS on mobile phones has led to other great features, for example , location-based services and navigation for users, but are there bad consequences; consider a user's personal privacy? How are these claims affected, efficiently and adversely? ” GPS DEVICE

GPS UNIT stands for gps system. Had originally been built by American division of defence so the troops can find out where they are in the world. The system was built for military purposes yet later more uses had been found of this system, therefore companies beginning using it to get general purposes. Chinese, Russians and Euro consortium can be building their own GPS system mainly because they did not want to be dependent upon American program which is controlled by the department of defence. Inside the recent years the use of GPS has grown rapidly. Today approximately 95% of the cell phones have GPS NAVIGATION built in to them. Features of GPS on mobile phones

There are numerous uses of GPS nowadays. It is being utilized widely by the police, fire-brigade and mat services to get people in emergencies. The GPS system is likewise used for interpersonal purposes and entertainment by general public. Utilization of GPS by Emergency Companies:

Police continues to be taking advantage of the GPS system for some time now. Police have already been using the GPS...

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