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 Essay regarding Sunbathing Case Study


Luke Wren


Luke wren


• Introduction

I have chosen sunbathing as I think it is critical that people my personal age find out about the long term and short term hazards and problems sunbathing can cause, I am interested in this as I believe the long term risk is not worth the short term bronze and I would like to warn others about the highly harmful risks that just aren't worth currently taking. Although sunbathing can enhance your looks and self confidence, it can be very hazardous when not employed properly, employed too often or used with out UV protection lotions.

• Clinical Information

Ultraviolet or UV rays have got a shorter wave size than visible light however is for a longer time than X-rays. UV rays aren't visible to humans yet are obvious to some pests. UV rays manage to get thier name from electromagnetic waves which will frequencies are higher than those that humans may identify since the colour purple. Although ultraviolet radiation can be invisible to the human eye, lots of people are aware of the effects of UV rays in tanning mattresses and the sunlight through sunburn and epidermis cancer.


The electromagnetic spectrum, this picture displays the approx . wave duration, colours in the rays, the size of say length and whether they can penetrate the earth's ambiance.

Arguments intended for and against Sunbathing


Teenagers who have use siege-longes are at a much higher risk of getting cancer than those who avoid. This is because in the high contact with UV rays. So, just how does cancer form? Sunbathing causes malignancy through ionising radiation seen in UV rays, gamma rays and x rays, these 3 rays happen to be high in energy and when the photons via these sun rays hit the atom, this kind of breaks the atom in to smaller parts called ions this after that damages the cells through ionisation, the cell then loses all power to control cell section and development, this causes the cellular to develop rapidly this kind of then varieties a cancerous tumor. Brittany Lietz, a...

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Sunbathing Example
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