п»їChapter 6-В In SunnyВ Spain (1882-1885) Rizal Secret Quest To

Phase 9-After the publication of Noli Me personally Tangere

To see keenly lifespan and lifestyle, languages and customs, industrial sectors, commerce and government and laws from the European Nations in order to prepare himself in the mighty task of liberating of oppressed people from Spanish cruelty. Rizal is without permission and blessings to his parents. The individuals know Rizal will go to Spain was his Older Brother (Paciano), His uncle (Antonio Rivera), His sister ( neneng and lucia), Valenzuela family, ( Capitan Juan) and capitana Sanday and their daughter Jamaah Pedro A. Paterno, Mateo Evangelista, Jose M. CecilioJOSE MERCADO- the name he useMay three or more, 1882-Rizal left on board the Spanish streamer Salvadora. Rizal bound to get Singapore Chief Donato Lecha- ship captain from Austria's, Spain, befriend him (Rizal) May almost 8, 1882-he did find a beautiful Island and scenic beauty recalled " Talim”. Island with the Susong Dalaga” May 9-the salvadora docked at Singapore, registered in Hotel entre ma Paz, and spent 2 days on taking in the sights on a soiree of the town. He saw Famous Botanical garden, Buddhist Temple, occupied shopping district and the statue of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles (founder of Singapore). From Singapore to Colombo

May 11-Rizal Transferred to one more ship djemnah a French streamer, which kept Singapore pertaining to Europe on, may 11. Among these individuals were English, French, Nederlander, Spaniards, Malays, Siamese, And Filipinos (Mr. & Mrs. В Salazar, Mister. Vicente Pardo, and Jose Rizal). May 17- the djemnah reached Point Galle В A seacoast town in southern Ceylon (Sri Lanka)-it is Beautiful but lonely, quiet and sad. Colombo the capital of Ceylon-more amazing smart and elegantВ than Singapore, point Galle and Manila. Aden- sexier than manila-camels-amused to see this kind of animals FERDINAND de Lesseps ( People from france Diplomat-engineer)-Who built the Suez Canal-Inaugurated in Nov. 17, 1869. 06 11-rizal reached NaplesJune 12- the streamer...


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