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BSBA- Accounting

Business Profile

Filipino Long Distance Telephone Organization or often known as PLDT began on November 28, 1928. PLDT is a leading telecoms provider in the Philippines and one of the major market Capitalizations among Philippine-listed companies. Through its 3 principal business groups-fixed series, wireless, and information and communication technology. PLDT provides the largest and a lot diversified array of telecommunications companies across the Korea most expensive fiber optic central source and fixed padded, cellular and satellite systems. PLDT shows up on the Filipino Stock Exchange (PSE: TEL) and its American Depository Shares will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: PHI).

PLDT has different types of products and services which can be right for your house, your small or medium scale of enterprises or perhaps your large businesses. Filipinos abroad also can find a products that are exquisite for them. Among there home products and services would be the following: 5. SURF

* Fibr (new fiber optic internet connection)

2. myDSL (a wired reference to the combination of telephone/landline and internet connection) * myBro (a wireless internet connection of SMART PLDT with two (2) sorts of modem wimax and canopy) * Wireless Zone


5. Telpad ( a combination of telephone/ landline connection plus a ipad/tablet) * Landline (a " cable " connection)

5. Landline Additionally

* Prepaid Call Cards

* Sun Contact All

PLDT Company is known as a telephone company that has a major product of wired landline and a wireless landline with the help of PLDT simcard. In the year 1991, Smart Sales and marketing communications was offered with its key shareholders at that time being certain Philippine businesses and other affiliate marketers of First Pacific and also the parents of PLDT and also NTT Communications Capital Limited. Both groups owned about 96. 7% of the fresh company. About March twenty-four, 2000, PLDT completed their share-swap purchase of Smart a 100% held PLDT additional. That is why PLDT Company has also an internet link with offer with their consumer and not just landline. And for their mission statement, PLDT will be the recommended full service provider of tone, video and data at most attractive numbers of price, support, quality, articles and protection, thereby delivering maximum benefit for the Company's stakeholders. As the process of their item I can demonstrate their diagram how it goes. For some instances just like their merchandise myDSL, when you apply this kind of purchase then it will certainly process it as two to three weeks. You will request why it requires longer to process this sort of product. For the reason that there are different kinds of system that will flow it before you can expect to activate this. Below with this you well see the movement of the process of their products.

Organizational Structure of Sales Department (PLDT-Camanava)


TSME (Arnel Y. Corbito) -Territory Revenue Management Business * Becoming a TSME in the Sales Division is very important as they is the one particular managing both zone of PLDT. As being a TSME, dr. murphy is the one submitting all the reports and improvements what is his/her ZSAA obligations and obligations he/she carried out. TSME may be the one confirming the problems, events or other stuffs which may related to the department. Not to mention being a TSME of one division he is the one particular cheering and make guidance to his or her employee points to be done to be able to improve their revenue when they for the circumstance of inflation.

ZSAA (Marites Beltran and Arlene De Vega) - Area Sales Admin Assistant * Being a ZSAA of the Revenue Department is essential because she is the one doing documents, documents and others that will be needed by the TSME....


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