Demonstrating Powerful Leadership; Case 29: Prenatal Care for Illegitimate Immigrants Anne KamKim Deolal

PSL5002 – Collaboration, Conversation, and Case Examination for Masters Learners March 8th, 2015

Mr. Lewis Sanderson

Showing Effective Leadership; Case twenty nine: Prenatal Look after Illegal Foreign nationals

Business firm whether it is money or a non-profit agency need to have an effective management in order to become successful, many persons seem to think they are frontrunners but not every can become powerful leaders. Leadership is defined as a person who holds a position as the best of a group or a company, and getting the power and ability to lead and encourage other people to get goals including maximizing productions, productivity, and profits. Very good leadership must possess competence and communication skills, have got ethical principles, be able to create clear eyesight that can be present to others. This kind of paper might address the potency of building romantic relationship within the firm and how the best choice manages, professional responsibilities and priorities, interacting verbally and writing, also effectively resolving the issue pertaining to the selected Case study – Circumstance 29: Prenatal Care for Against the law Immigrants.

State Representative Randy Richards has proposed a bill to stop illegal foreign nationals, from obtaining prenatal treatment from any state agencies or various other healthcare services. He feels billing the fee to Medicaid is deceitful, and contains a personal perception that providing such benefits is a breach of federal laws. The Executive Director of the state's Health Care Power Mike Foley provided a great interpretation through the President, and the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Solutions of the statue Title XIX of the Interpersonal Security Take action. That explained prenatal attention should be presented to an specific regardless of a woman's citizenship or immigration status. Robert Foley went on to explain the expense of providing proper prenatal care for an individual who qualifies for Medical planning is approximately lower than $1, 500, further discussed studies says with correct prenatal proper care it decreases the risk of any kind of serious medical problem that a child can be given birth to with and could cost over $130, 500 to treat later on. Regardless, any child who will be born inside the United States is a citizen with this country and would be eligible for Medicaid, if his or her father and mother would not have the ability to afford to pay. Establishing the cost of prenatal care versus treating long term medical condition would make sense monetarily. State Agent Randy Richards is one of the market leaders and based on his placement he wished to impose a bill without considering the important points that could impact the economic cost to the people in the near future. His decision was based on personal beliefs and did not element in the director and the Centers for Treatment Services underneath the title XIX of the Interpersonal Security Act that was enacted 1965(ssa. gov). However, leaders who have possess the placement of electrical power, values, values and actions can impact directly towards the attitudes and behaviors of people lead (Schminke, Wells, Peyrefitte, & Sebora, 2002). As, State Representative Randy Richards who is among the state commanders imposed this kind of unethical actions, what type of message is he trying to give to the Us residents of this region? Thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants enter the US every year, striving for a better your life in the area of dairy and honies and the place that offers superb opportunity. Would this new suggested bill be applied to spiral another dishonest action of arresting unlawful mothers who also applies for Medicaid being deported returning to their delivery country? You have to issue the effectiveness of Condition Representative Rowdy Richards command roles and skills, its not all leader could walk the talk for instance a leaders happen to be born to lead while others discover how to lead. Mike Foley shown ethical manners, what was morally right and dictated what the law states and...

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