I. Thesis:

Nowadays, it is wrong to pay staff a low wage, because a low-wage job has no ability to support people to stay in society, reduces productivity of some corporations, and makes people who are in lower income loss faith in government's policy.

II. Low-wage job has no ability to support people to reside in society. 1 . The data showing how much cash dose these individuals make per month 2 . Compare how much money they should pay ( live )

III. Diminishes productivity of some corporations.

1 . Low-wage jobs can reduce householder's enthusiasm, so people will not likely pay attention to undertake it better. installment payments on your Working without enthusiasm, help to make work does not have efficiency.

4. Makes people who find themselves in low income loss faith in government's policy. 1 ) A point that against " pay low wage is wrong”: The federal government give several preferential procedures to the indegent, so their life can depend in interpersonal policy. 2 . However , several policies are certainly not benefit to poor people, they have the profit by policy nevertheless they cannot live easily. 3. The consequence of this really is losing hope in public plan.

V. Bottom line




Disadvantages of Paying a minimal Wage

Together with the society growing, life is changing for many people. The buying price of commodities, education fees, daily expenses; these costs have increased significantly. Therefore , lifespan for people who are in poverty is becoming harder and harder. Because these individuals lack education, they only can do some basic jobs; however , these jobs are typically low-wage jobs. Companies shell out low salary to workers and let those to do toilsome work. Today, it is wrong to pay out workers a minimal wage, must be low-wage job has no capacity to support visitors to live in society, it reduces productivity of some corporations, and it makes people who are in poverty loss hope in the government's policy. A low-wage job has no capacity to support people to live in contemporary society. According to Ehrenreich (2012), there is one of five those who a job, but have no place to have. In most circumstance they live in the inexpensive motel, trailers, even vans. (p. 25-p. 26) Waitressing is a low-wage job; like a case in point, the task that Ehrenreich first gets is employed in Hearthside cafe. She has to work from 2pm to 10 pm hours, and every hour she just can gain 2 . 45 U. T dollars in addition tips. Your woman can make 800 dollars monthly. Nevertheless, while she mentioned in Nickel and Dimed, " [She needs] $1, 000 for the first month's lease and deposit, $100 intended for initial food stores and profit [her] pocket sized, $200 packed away to get emergencies. ” (p. 27) Therefore , the total money on her first month is $1, 300, which is much more than $800, therefore she cannot survive depending on her earnings. To deal with this case, she tries to find a second job that could increase her income. The other job is also waitressing; nevertheless , these two jobs that the lady takes concurrently are taken up. 14 hours for one day time, and it is hard to function 14 several hours in one working day (p. 32). This is the conundrum of low-wage jobs; if perhaps people need to survive they require take more than one basic task, but persons do not have enough ability to endure the stress that is certainly caused by two low-wage jobs. As the lady said to Gail " I'm going to quit, ” she cannot endure this kind of stress for two works (p. 32). Therefore, this is 1 reason that low-wage careers are undesirable. Paying a decreased wage in people also can minimize the output of a few corporations. Many people prefer a substantial salary; yet , big companies present hard work using a low wage. One can imagine that when workers work, the initiative to work is incredibly low. There is an example that happened in Lenovo Organization which is one of the greatest computer corporations in the world. In 2014, Lenovo Company employed lots of hobos with a very low wage to work in their components production line. This action kept a lot of money in the first six months time. Nevertheless, the constituents (battery) that they make have a hidden hazard. Once the power supply is overheating, these cellular material could...


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