Both the Han Dynasty plus the Roman Empire covered a whole lot of terrain in Eurasia. From the yr 1000B. C. E. (when the initially settlement on the site of Rome occurred) to 600C. At the. (just after the fall of both empires) the technological advances produced were amazing. Maps, photographs, and written documents are able to portray the details of what life was like in quite a few large kingdoms. All three of the will be used to explain how more technological developments allowed those two empires to expand their very own control over the land. Although the Han Empire and Both roman Empire had been both huge and effective, it was mainly due to their scientific advances. Roadmaps like those shown in Documents one particular, two, and four, help portray the well-constructed trade routes of the Han Dynasty plus the Roman Disposition. Document one shows the economy and control routes from the Roman Disposition around 200C. E. Doc two reveals the economy and trade routes of Han China among 206 N. C. At the. and 220C. E. Finally, Document several shows the Asian operate routes attaching China right over to Persia which is where Roman Disposition trade market ends too. In order to be capable of travel over the land easier new inventions were needed. The invention in the stirrup was from north Afghanistan however the idea quickly spread to other parts of Eurasia. Shortly people were learned that riding on a camel made the overland trade less difficult and more components were able to n e transferred at the same time. When the Silk Highway connecting Chinese suppliers and the rest of Asia with each other was created and booming, a faster means of trading was seriously considered: ships, such as the Chinese " Junk” boats. From the time when File two was accurate to the time the moment Document four showed the trade ways, the excellence of delivers increased dramatically. As people began to know what " traits” of the ship were needed in order to make the journey through the tough seas, stronger delivers were being created. This shows the connection involving the technology...


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