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Would the Salem Witch Trials occurred if the Bill of Rights had existed at that time?

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" I PLEAD THE FIFTH!! " this together with the courtesies within the Bill of Rights offered the residents of a newly founded region liberties that were not awarded to all of them before. A first-rate example of these types of injustices is definitely the Salem Witch Trials because described simply by Arthur Burns in The Crucible. For example , the first modification guarantees independence to practice religion however one may choose, your fourth prevents unjust search and confiscation of property, as well as the eighth ensures protection from extreme punishment.

In The Crucible, there exists a preferred technique of practicing religion and anyone that goes against it is looked down upon and declined. John Proctor is stressed for the truth that this individual plows upon Sunday instead of attending chapel services and did not include his most youthful child baptized by Parris. This leads to an argument about whether John Procter has on the sides with the devil. 2 Whereas, if " freedom of religion” was granted back in those occasions, this scenario probably would not have taken place- instead, Procters' own watch of religion will not have been bullied and teased and people may not have thought him to be with the devil.

Through the Salem Witch Trials, harmless citizens are not only unjustly accused of witchcraft, but their only salvation was to claim themselves responsible. This should go directly resistant to the Fifth Variation which says that one can not be forced to testify against one self. 1 As well in the 6th Amendment residents were not to get tried without being properly offender, which was rarely the case in the Salem Witch Trials when people were regarded guilty from accusation via petty grudges others may possibly have kept.

Another variation that clashes directly with The Crucible may be the Eighth Amendment which declares that " nor terrible and unconventional punishments [be] inflicted. ” 1 Throughout the Salem Witch Trials, the accused were horribly...


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