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Calvin: Good afternoon, i'm Woodrow Pat, and they are my associates; we are the representatives of the United States of America. We are below today to push towards a better united upcoming for everyone. We could in need of a team of Baltic Says to counter-top the idea of long term aggressions. Victor: We are in this article not to make any one country suffer, but to aid all nations to peace. All of us will need to act as a whole; equally those who gained and misplaced this conflict need to bring together and interact in order to achieve a better globe. We experience a Group of Nations is a good way to do and so Ethan: Were willing to help to make fair control for those who end up living through a more difficult time. We understand that to be able to succeed we need to make surrender. America can be prepared to do so, and we here are hoping that you just all are in the same way willing to help create a better future. We believe that Australia should become militarily brief, however , steady enough so they can defend against inner rebellion. MOVEMENT ONE

We all disagree with this motion. Germany are unable to take complete blame for the war. With out counter actions made by all other nations, foreign war will not have started out. We can assign some fault to Australia; however we can do the like the rest of the world. Australia cannot be organised liable for each of the damage brought on in WW1. Negotiations: German peoples reside in many countries international. In our position as well as to the North and South we now have people of German descent living in each of our cities. With the much battling happening in the home, how can you expect these people not to burst in an outrageous rebellion? We expect that Indonesia should only be assigned incomplete blame. MOTION TWO

We accept this motion. Germany cannot survive without a relatively good army to their rear. Extreme imperialism is coming into hand from the inside their edges and without virtually any troops to protect; Germany will eventually be overrun due...


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