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Rogers' Delicious chocolate is on a mission to offer the company twice or triple its size within 10 years. An examination will be performed to figure out a strategic plan in which Rogers' Chocolates will be able to grow, and maintain their particular image of providing premium chocolates. The issue facing Rogers' Chocolate is the way they will be able to gain new customers and sustain their current consumers. To give a thorough analysis, I will identify and explain the strategic issue, present the results with the analysis, and present alternative strategies. Finally, I will present my suggestion and conclude the examination. Strategic Issue

The ideal issue facing Roger's Chocolates is the right way to grow the corporation by being capable of gain new clients and still maintain their current customer base. The objective of Rogers' Chocolates is to dual or three-way the size of the corporation within a decade. By developing, this means that they may need more creation, more personnel, and more buyers. Rogers' Delicious chocolate will need a strategy that will help position them to manage to grow the way they want it to. Analysis

After reviewing Rogers' Chocolates financial situation, they are good condition and have superior from 2005 to 2006. This improvement shows opportunity for the company to get to its goal of developing. According to their balance sheet, their current percentage for 2006 is 1 ) 366 (2, 330, 241/1, 705, 132) and 1 . 245 (2, 896, 842/2, 326, 966) for 2005. These numbers show they are able to continue to pay off their obligations. This implies they are capable where they shouldn't get bankrupt. In addition, it shows that Rogers' Chocolate are simply efficient enough in the sense of turning their very own product in cash. You can actually cash readily available for next year, 2007, is $74, 744. This can be down coming from what they got at the beginning of the year, $151, 802. This may damage them once trying to spend into fresh areas.

The external environment of Rogers' Chocolate looks very appealing. Godiva and Bernard Callebaut are the only ones that seem to jeopardize Rogers' Delicious chocolate position in the market. The various other chocolate businesses are of decrease quality and price however compete with Rogers' Chocolate. Godiva's chocolates happen to be priced higher but decrease quality. Bernard Callebaut's delicious chocolate are similar to Godiva's in price, will be in identical locations as Rogers' and are generally good in fresh introductions and seasonal products. They are also superior to Rogers' when it comes to their presentation. The internal environment doesn't look well intended for Rogers' Chocolates. With few employees who do multiple jobs, Rogers' seems like they are really not able to handle their with regard to their product. Also all their issue with out of stock product causes many complications when planning to keep up with other demands.

Strengths pertaining to Rogers' Chocolates include fluidity and their difference from other competition. Roger's is at a good location financially. They are not inside the best location but are in a good enough situation to make alterations and improvements. Rogers' is usually efficient. When, again they may be not in their best, but are efficient enough to be a good competitor. They are also very strong within their image. They are able to differ from their particular competitors with high quality delicious chocolate and a picture that is regarded locally.

Rogers' weaknesses happen to be cash flow and production. Even though Roger's Chocolates is not in a position to get bankrupt, they have limited cash to invest in to improving all their operations. With the low sum of money they have, they may have to get in the future. Another weakness is definitely their production efficiency. A low number of personnel and awful planning triggers their development to be sluggish and bad. Inventory supervision and sold-out problems are not able to continue if perhaps Rogers' want to be able to advance to the company they need it to become.

Rogers' Sweets has a number of opportunities. 1 opportunity is always to maintain their particular current graphic to expose new products to compete with Bernard Callebaut. Creating a new...

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Rogers Chocolate
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