Risk Assessment

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 Essay about Risk Analysis



Mercer chemicals computer system includes a few vulnerabilities. The initially vulnerability can be threat simply by hackers, which data may be stolen, damaged, or demolished by they. User problems are subsequent highest exposure that deal with operation of automated devices requires is experienced to do upgrade to applications, which in turn makes it simple to make mistakes within the courses. If the software is not properly protected, it can be simple for someone to produce unauthorized becomes these programs. Virus problems are next on the list. Computer virus attacks may slow down your pc almost into a stop, erase important files, or even tainted operation data files, so the computer system does not function correctly and may make more errors inside file or database. Data loss can be shed if the file system is not really organization data correctly too. Data are store digitally where they may be not immediately easily to look for, and if you could have power outage or system, failure occurs while function you could have loss data. The final highest deal with on list is electric power failure that could occur, and you could most likely lose everything you recordkeepering system.


Mercer paints will need to impliment software program controls, hardware controls, laptop operations controls, data reliability controls, program implementation handles, administrative handles and anti-virus software using a firewall. Application controls can monitor the use of software, prevent unauthorized into the programs. Hardware control guarantees computer physical security via fires or individuals via stealing these people. Computer businesses controls will make sure the set procedures happen to be consistently and correctly applied to the safe-keeping and processing of finalizing jobs back- up data and recovery procedures. Info security regulates will stop illegal changes, damage and access to files. Program implementation regulates makes sure it can properly managed, and management controls will implement official...

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Risk Assessment
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