People experience the wrath of natural problems like display flood, landslide, and storm wind not only because these are organic and natural phenomena, nonetheless it is all as a result of humanity's forget and exploitation towards mother nature. " Karma” as we state here in Philippines. But the issue is, why do some of us really need to encounter before we learn? Are we all Individuals who dumb for all of us not to know what the consequences are? Actually, we are also implicated by that flood. Quite simply, we are as well affected by that unfavorable going on last week. My own first-made refractive journal for the week swam with the ton. Hahaha. In the beginning, my effect was at rage because not only for the reason that this swam with all the flood, nevertheless because the file which covered my RJ was erased because I actually didn't anticipate that to happen. And for that, I need to perform my RJ again. Saya diba? Hahaha. What about you ma'am? Considering also get upset when your operate was merely lost all of a sudden? But My spouse and i don't actually expect Miss Razon to be at trend, honestly. Hahahah. I aren't imagine Miss Razon's face at trend because I'm used at her deal with that always HAPPINESS. Now I'm constantly practicing that, even if I am just a short-tempered person, I usually smile regardless if there's no purpose to laugh at all. Occasionally, I became truly accustomed to it that even when Now i am sleeping My spouse and i also cheerful. Kidding. Woaw. And that's the things i learned within this adversity. To always laugh. I brought that lessons beyond each of our four walls. We should also know that no matter what may happen each time there is a typhoon, people ought to remember that it is not only a revenge by nature, but rather this can be a plea in which nature have been expressing it to everybody in the form of natural force. Characteristics has its own method to protect itself. Though that cannot speak, it can capable of expressing its plea through activities. If people cannot willpower themselves, mother nature will show them how. This merely reverts back to all of them what they should have to experience.


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