In today's World, people have increased the training English. There are many reasons why the majority are learning English, although three stick out: original edition of Hollywood movies, obtaining a good job and simply travelling in another country. The initially reason is that should be considered is usually original edition of The show biz industry movies. People like well-known actors' original voices. In Turkey, some movies are not original. They will have a Turkish voice over for European people, because some people can't say for sure English, so , films usually are original. In general, if want a famous person's original tone of voice we must learn English. Another reason for learning English is to have got a good task. If we want to good job and several money, English is important. In Turkey conditions, bosses desire workers to must know English, because, it is necessary for firm. In short, people have to learn English language, because The english language is important on the globe. Another reason is usually to be able to travel and leisure easily in another country. Learning English is very important when gonna another nation. For example , when you go to another region if you know English, it is simple to wonder area. You can talk to other people. When you see a historical building or perhaps something interesting, you can ask people about it. In conclusion, if we find out English, all of us travelling to one more country is a lot easier. To put it in a nutshell, learning English is important to people in their life for many things, including watching a language film, having a good job, going to another nation. English is known as a way of life for people.


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