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NAME: Alina Ehrl Aldous Huxley, Courageous New World -- READING LOG (page 1)



Essential facts

Personal impressions

a) Institutions and practices of the World State

b) New information about a character

c) Striking language products

Chapter you

Page 12-15, l. 7

Page 18, ll. 26 - twenty-seven

The Overseer of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Hub shows a team of students around (who are likely to work in the Centre in the future) Initial room: Fertilizing room

→ We find out that there are no natural births, the process is usually controlled by the point out → There are many processes which will ensure the machine in the World Condition and the sorte → Bokanovsky's Process: a fertilized egg is split into identical genetic copies, so one egg can be split into 8 to 96 embryos → produce a large doing work class of identical twins� → Podsnap's Technique: a way that accelarates the ripening of an egg to one hundred and forty five mature ova in 2 yrs Bottling Place → embryos are placed in bottles with sow's peritoneum (artificial " uterus" ) Embryo Retail store: embryo wine bottles on conveyor belts

→ create 5 castes of humans with decreasing intellect by decreasing the supply of oxygen from the embroys → they make them love their work by conditioning all of them (for case heat conditioning for steel workers etc . ) Initial thought: very, very strange and frightening but likewise interesting Appears unbelievable: instead of months/days of pregnancy, you will find metres or perhaps by revealing embryos to heat, the can only end up being truly completely happy when they act as miner and so forth Although the World State appears to be fully totalitarian system which in turn manipulates its citizens, Alphas (and Betas? ) look very " normal” → students request " stupid" questions, indication of individuality Relationship towards women incredibly questionable: The director offers Lenina " two or three pads" → objectification of women? Allusions to Honda and glorification of him

→ maybe replacement for religion (AD – Dodici mesi Domini vs . a. f. after Ford) Confusion: Universe State seems to be really big (including London, uk and Singapore) b) Select a character! c)

x Henry Foster  new terms that are used  D. H. C. in the World State  Lenina Crowne  hypnopaedic slogans

 Bernard Marx  Shakespeare quotes you  Helmholtz Watson consider important  Mustapha Mond  names of people inside the novel by John the Savage

 Linda


Central London Hatchery and Health and fitness Centre: Institution, where youngsters are created and conditioned – from the egg until they may be fully cultivated Bokanovsky's Process:  A way for producing many identical eggs from a single egg which is the basis intended for producing identical human beings Podsnap's Technique: A method for speeding up the maturing of adult eggs

b) Henry Promote:

" fair-haired, ruddy young man”

Man of science, works as Fertilizer at Mayfair Hatchery and Conditioning Middle → loves figures

Any sort of relationship to Lenina (they want to meet after work)

NAME: Alina Ehrl Aldous Huxley, Daring New World -- READING LOG (page 2)



Significant facts

Personal impressions

a) Institutions and practices on the planet State

b) New details about a character

c) Impressive language things

Chapter two

Page twenty-one, l. twenty one

Page 23,

d. 4 -- 6

g. 25, lmost all. 31-32

g. 26, ll. 31-33

The Director qualified prospects the group to the nurseries where they observe an example of Neo-Pavlovian Fitness → a Bokanovsy band of Delats is usually exposed to blossoms and ebooks and immediately treated with electric shock → They hate catalogs, so they stay stupid and conditioned

→ They hate nature for economic factors (they are also conditioned to like country sporting activities → they may consume transport and specialized sports tools without staying in the...

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