According to Gary Curtis, a logical argument is a problem in thinking. (Curtis, 2012) There are, by least, ten of them we know of. A large number of dieting advertisements, like Nutri-System, can lay down claim to a few of them. I believe that Nutri-System uses appeal to popularity and appeal to emotion. The appeal to popularity comes from the use of Jennifer Hudson and Marie Osmond touting these people and the charm to feeling comes from the necessity of obese females to lose weight. The fallacy comes in because a usual woman certainly will not be able to pay the trainers and gym regular membership and all the assistance needed to shed as much fat as these two women have done. The only way to make this honest is to get typical women, who also cannot afford the excess help, and let them always be the ones to share us about Nutri-System.

The second logical argument that I want to write about is any personal advertisement during any political campaign. Yes, I may seem negative, however , I use never well-known a presidential candidate to get into office and do what he/she stated they were going to do. The argument that is used below can be nearly all of the types named coming from personal strike to charm to lack of knowledge. We have all read our politicians strike each other, therefore , personal harm; appeal to ignorance enters when we usually do not do the homework about what a certain politician says or guarantees. Can it be carried out? Is it even constitutional? These are the things that many people do not actually bother to determine. As for a fix, I actually am uncertain that there is 1. Again, My spouse and i am negative.


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