Ratio Evaluation

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 Essay about Ratio Analysis

Ratio Analysis


1) Financial ratios

S. no| Ratio| Formula| Best ratio| comments

1| Current ratio| Current assetsCurrent liabilities| two: 1/1. thirty-three: 1| Indicates firm's dedication to meet financial obligations. Avery heavy ratio is definitely not attractive as it implies less useful use of funds| 2| Speedy ratio| Quick assetsCurrent liabilities| 1: 1| This proportion also implies short term solvency of a firm| 3| Debts –Equity ratios| long term debtequity| 1: 2| Indicates long-term solvencyHigher ratio is riskier for the creditors| 4| Proprietary ratio| Shareholders' fundsTotal tangible assets| | Variant of debt-equity ratioShows the extent of shareholders money in the total assets utilized in the businessHigher ratio indicates relatively very little danger to creditors and vice versa


1) Current resources are individuals assets which can be converted into cash within a length of one year or perhaps normal functioning cycle from the business whichever is longer Examples: Profit hand, cash at traditional bank, stock, debtors, bills receivable, prepaid expenditures 2) Current liabilities are those liabilities payable inside an year or perhaps operating routine 3) Speedy assets sama dengan current assets – (stock+prepaid expenses) 4) Quick rate is also known as the acid test ratio or fluidity ratio 5) Tangible property are these assets that have physical presence 6) Permanent debt /external funds/external equities =debentures+termloans 7) Share holders' funds/internal funds/proprietary funds/owners funds=equity share capital+preference share capital+reserves+profit and reduction account-fictitious resources

2) Earnings ratios

S. no| Ratio| Formula| Ideal ratio| comments

1| Major Profit Ratio| Gross earnings X 100Net sales | Higher the ratio better it is| This rate expresses the partnership between low profit and net salesGross profit must be adequate to cover operating expenses| 2| Net Profit ratio| Net income X100Net sales| Higher the ratio, better it is| This rate expresses the partnership between net profit and Net sales| 3| Net operating profit ratio| (Net operating profit/net sales)X100| Larger ratio is usually better| Helps in determining the efficiency which the affairs of the organization being managed| 4| Working Ratio| Functioning cost X100net sales| Proportion should be low| This proportion is a check of functioning efficiency with which the business will be carried| 5| Fixed expenses cover/interest coverage ratio| EBITinterest| 6 -7 times intended for an industrial concern| Crucial from lender's point of viewIt indicates whether the organization would earn sufficient earnings to spend periodically the eye charges| 6| Debt Support coverage ratio| PBIT/interest+(principal)/1-taxrate| | Indicates potential of the company to repay principal| 7| Total profitability ratio/Return on investment/return on capital employed| Functioning profitCapital applied X100| Bigger ratio is better| Shows the percentage go back on capital employed in the business| 8| Return on share holders' funds| Income after tax(PAT)Share holders cash X100| Higher ratio is definitely better| Indicates the percentage go back on discuss holders' funds| 9| Come back on Value share slots Funds| PAT-pref. dividend X100Eq. shareholders money | Higher ratio can be better| Signifies the percentage return on value shareholders funds| 10| Value Earnings Ratio| Market price every shareEarnings per share| Bigger ratio is usually better| Signifies the number of times the generating per discuss is have the market priceHelps the trader in selecting whether to get or to never buy the shares| 11| Revenue per share| PAT – pref. dividend No of Equity shares| Higher rate is better| Helps in estimating company's capacity to pay gross to the shareholders


1) Calculation of Gross profit

Gross revenue = Sales- Cost of goods sold

Expense of goods offered (COGS) = opening inventory +purchases+ every direct expenses...

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Ratio Analysis
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