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EXAM two

Show every work for credit and keep answers exact when ever possible.

1 . Sort out the following assertion as an example of classical, scientific, or subjective probability and explain the reasoning. In respect to your doctor he seems the chance of you surviving a surgical procedure is 0. 85.

Very subjective; based upon his feelings.

2 . Identify the two events described inside the study. The actual results suggest that the occasions are independent or dependant? Researchers identified that people with depression are five times more likely to have a breathing- related sleep disorder than people who are not frustrated.

Major depression and Breathing-related sleep disorders; Dependant

three or more. A horse race features 10 records. Assuming that you will find no jewelry, what is the probability the fact that three mounts owned by simply one person surface finish first second, and third? The number of feasible combinations of 3 horses earning, in any order, is

So the probability is

4. In how a large number of distinguishable ways can the characters in the word statistics always be written?

5. The table shows the results of your survey that asked 2850 people whether they are involved in almost any charity work. | Frequently| Occasionally| Not at all| Total

Male| 221| 456| 795| 1472

Female| 207| 430| 741| 1378

Total| 428| 886| 1536| 2850

A person is chosen at random from the sample.

a) What is the probability anyone is female or at times involved in charity work?

b) Are the situations " being female and sometimes involved in charitable organization work” and " becoming frequently involved in charity work” mutually exclusive? certainly

6. An organization gave emotional tests to perspective staff. The unique variable times represents the possible test scores.

a) Use the histogram to find the possibility that a person selected at random from the survey's sample had a test rating of more than two.

b) Find the possibility that the person had a...


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