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Who published the Assertion of freedom? – Jones Jefferson Wherever was the constitutional convention held? – Philadelphia Who was the president from the constitutional meeting? -George Washington Who is referred to as father with the constitution? -James Madison Who signed the constitution? - 39

Which has been the ninth state to ratify the constitution? -New Hampshire The preamble data the half a dozen ____ of the constitution? -- Articles How much does domestic harmony mean? -For peace in the usa

What is great grandchildren? - Future generations

Precisely what is federalism? -Sharing among federal and state governments Name the three branches of government-Judical, executive, and legislative Which in turn amendments make up the bill of rights? -1 - 15

Which changes give girls the right to political election? - the 19th

What system retains one branch from attaining too much electricity? -Checks and balances Just how many U. S senators are there? -100

How a large number of members of the house? -435

Just how many Senators does each state include? -2

How many members does every single state have in the House of Representatives? -based by inhabitants. How various supreme courtroom judges is there? -9

Which are the qualifications intended for president? -Born in U. S/35 years old/lives in US pertaining to 14 years. How much time is the presidents term? -4 years

The length of time is the senators term? -2 years.

How long is the term for the home of Associates? -4 years How long will do a Supreme Court judge provide? - for lifetime until impeached or death Who is your head of the senate? - vice president

Who presides over the united states senate? - chief executive pro tempore

Who is your head of the Supreme Court? -chief of justice

Who is the judge if the president is usually impeached? -- the senate

How a large number of terms can your president end up being elected too? -2

Just how many people are inside the electoral school? - five-hundred

How various electoral votes must you get for president? - 270

How various electoral ballots did The state of illinois get? -- 21

What date is inauguration day? - Saturday jan. twentieth, 2013

What is voting era? - 18

What does appeal mean? --...


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