п»їPros and Cons of moving to America when compared with Southeast Asia Moving towards the United States is known as a dream for a lot of families living abroad, individuals living in under developed countries. For the majority of, United States retains the important factors to a better future, higher living regular, and of course flexibility. As a 20 or so year old, southeast Cambodian and was luckily enough to move in this article, I would like to offer the advantages of surviving in the United States as compare to moving into Cambodia. Education

If you are to inquire my parents why we relocated here? They might say " Education”. In Cambodia the academic system is sensitive and very very much susceptible to corruption. What do I mean simply by corruption? Permit just say $10, 000 could indeed get you a graduate student degree and thus make you qualified to be a doctor. In contrast the training here, however , is very demanding which leads to my new topic, option. Opportunity

Maybe I used to be a little severe on the Cambodian school system. There are plenty of hard-working people that take school extremely seriously, nevertheless unfortunately these people are the ones who typically found themselves without a job. Jobs, as scarce as they are, are reserved for those who have money and relatives in the field. In the United States, mess up system truly does exist but not to such an extent that is shown by many people third world countries. If you can suffer through college and get that degree in addition to a good GRADE POINT AVERAGE, your chances of finding a job boosts significantly. Reliability

The us may be a new country but one aspect that sets that apart from other folks, is the fact that it can be one of the most trusted countries in the world. Crime rates intend down, and currently at its lowest level. Cambodia on the other hand is a state of chaos. In accordance to your figures taken by the United States government, 70 percent of the Cambodian population happen to be under the associated with 35 years aged. This while using combination of poor educational program and as well as a lack of option, creates a menace to...


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