PHY 1103

Physics I



Learning End result 1:

Sub-outcome 1: Designate given fundamental units for their corresponding physical quantities. Most engineers must use the same language in their communications, and one of these general communication equipment is the devices of measurements. Physical quantities such as length, weight, period, speed, power, and mass are assessed with common units. Hence the magnitude when a physical quantity is given with a number and standard unit of measurement. Examples: a few meters, 62 kilograms. SI units will be the international approach to units (system international).

The SI Basic Units pertaining to the seven fundamental Quantities:

Note that the above mentioned units happen to be stated in MKS (meter-kilogram-second), one more French regular unite of measurement is known as the CGS ( centimeter-Gram-Second).

Sub-outcome two: differentiate involving the two metric systems of units, meter-kilogram-second, and centimeter-gram-second.

Bothe MKS (meter-kilogram-second (SI Units) and CGS (centimeter-Gram-Second) are metric units, but the MKS models are more commonly used worldwide.

The CGS and SI systems of units are made in an similar way. The 2 systems fluctuate only inside the scale of two out from the three basic units (centimeter versus meter and gram versus kg, respectively), as the third unit (second while the unit of time) may be the same in both systems.

Sub-outcome 3: Derive units of speed, acceleration, force, density, area, volume level from standard units.

The Derived Devices:

From the bottom SI units, many products for other physical amounts were extracted. A derived unit is a unit that is defined by a simple combination of one or more of base products. Full stand of derived units in page: 37 of your textbook

Sub-outcome 4: Understand and convert between the metric prefixes. One of advantages of the metric product is the use of prefixes, which are multiples of the fundamental unit. The table listed below (page 39 in textbook) defines the accepted prefixes and illustrates their value to indicate interminables and subdivisions of the colocar.

In respresenting data, it is preferable to use the prefix that will allow the newest number to become expressed in the range from zero. 1 to 1000. Case in point 1: ( 7, 430, 000 meters ) needs to be expresses because 7. 43 Г— 106 m = 7. 43 Mm Example 2: ( 0. 000056 m ) should be stated as 56 Г— 10-6 m = 56 Вµm Class job exercises:

Write down thier magnitude of 20 Mm in power of 10 reflexion.

Write the pursuing values in power of 10 notation:

five Gbites =100 cm=

16 kg=20 mm=

45 TW=12 Вµm=

your five pm=600 nm=

Convert the subsequent figures to suitable quantities and prefixes.

2, 500, 000 m =

56, 378 Pa =

0. 002367 D =

23, 000, 500, 000 bites =

0. 0234 Hz =

Convert several kg towards the equivalent in mg.

Convert 800 Вµm to the equivalent in km.

The length of a laptop computer is 234. 5 logistik and the thickness is 158. 4 mm. express the area area in square metres.

The thickness of instruments is almost eight. 89 g/cm3. What is the density in kilograms every cubic meter?

Sub-outcome a few: Differentiate among scalar and vector, range and displacement, speed and velocity, speeding and earth gravity.

Scalar and vector: (3. several page 45 in textbook)


A lot of quantities could be described absolutely by a amount and one only. The magnitude is enough to fully represent that physical quantity. Example of scalar: a place of doze m2, a volume of forty five m3, or possibly a distance of fifty km A scalar volume is specific completely simply by its degree – many and product.

Scalar addition and subtraction:

Scalar volumes that are assessed in the same units might be added or subtracted in the usual approach. For example: 13 mm & 13 millimeter = 27 mm

twenty m2 – 4 m2 = 6 m2


Some physical quantities, including force and velocity, possess direction and magnitude. These are called Vectors; the path must be an integral part of any computations involving such quantity. A vector variety is specific completely by a magnitude and a course. It includes a...


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