Flowchart Design for any Process

A flowchart can be described as number of businesses that are implemented in a method. Most flowcharts show different pathways or perhaps approaches which may be taken to achieve the end aim in a more productive way. In this paper the task will be pertaining to driving house from Southern region Austin to North Austin texas in run hour targeted traffic.

The process style chosen for this was trigger and effect in a simple flow chart. The individual traveling home must choose the best approach to get from their particular work in Southern region Austin with their home in North Austin texas. There are two different freeways that can be delivered to achieve this target. The first is a direct route through downtown Austin tx that is of sixteen. 3 mls. The Second alternative goes around down-town Austin and is 19. 19 miles total to have the individual return house.

The metric used in this will be period. Time is very important to the individual using the procedure because they may have school and family obligations to complete after organization hours plus the sooner that they get home the longer they have to attain these responsibilities. In this situation the individual doing the traveling lives in North Austin and works in south Austin. The individual got one whole week of information driving via south Austin to their residence in north Austin and located during dash hour visitors the average time to go 18. 3 miles was one hour and forty five minutes. The second week the individual got the alternate route each week and known that the normal time it took to get home the nineteen. 19 miles was 45 minutes.

The decision the individual made was that rather than driving the direct route that they will take the much longer route throughout the downtown place and preserve them one hour of time to pay with their along with doing other processes including school. The reason for the time metric was the very long wait time in the short route; the effect was taking a longer way with a fraction of the time consumed in driving house.

The process flowchart shows...


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