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 Essay regarding Personal declaration

I i am writing this kind of letter inside the hope of pursuing

advanced studies within your prestigious company. Such studies, I believe, are vital intended for my future career in the field of fashion supervision and will advantage me for my expereince of living. I want to follow a career in which I can travel and work in a fashion environment. My hobbies and interests are artwork, swimming and dancing, browsing fashion sites and magazines. I at the moment live with my children, but may wish to experience living overseas which will help me gain independence.

Relating to me a meaningful life is all about having dreams and working hard to obtain them. My dream was always style. To me it's a source of expressing myself. It includes always attracted me since it can be followed back to the 19th 100 years when Charles Frederick Worth became the first custom made to fasten his ingredients label into the garments he fashioned. I aspire to travel the world to see trend in different nationalities, as culture has formed fashion around the world. When I realised my desire, I decided to choose it to a reality simply by gaining understanding of the fashion industry and chose this kind of university to steer me. I am presently pursuing Bachelor of Organization Administration coming from Christ College or university, Bangalore, India. During the program I have learned conceptual, conditional and connection skills necessary to start my own, personal business at a later date which will concentrate on quality, integrity, substance and attention to design details. We've also learned about consumer styles and personalisation in marketing and about equilibrium sheets and budgeting in finance. I do believe this is an indispensable knowledge pertaining to working as a buyer or possibly a merchandiser popular. I would like to combine my enthusiasm for fashion and the obtained business expertise to get into the glorious Fashion Market.

I worked well as a great intern for Deutsche Traditional bank, Mumbai, India, which allowed me to in sharpening to work well in an environment like yours which ideals teamwork and social selection. I worked well in the back office of the...

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Personal affirmation
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