Personality Personality Test

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 Essay regarding Personality Personality Test

Personality Personality Test



INSTRUCTIONS: This is a Personality Temperament Check taken from Tim LaHaye's publication, " Why You Take action The Way You Do". It helps examine your temperament of potential strengths & weaknesses. It is rather simple and takes about 45 minutes to complete. You will discover 4 Areas below. In each section you will find a number of descriptive words and phrases. Your job is to read every single word make a number following to it according to how very well it details the REAL you. After you have completed all four Sections head to page a couple of for further recommendations. To get a more accurate assessment of the temperament include 3-4 buddies & /or family members likewise complete a test out about your nature. REMEMBER: It is necessary that you be honest and aim. Don't tag a container according to how you want to be seen, alternatively mark this according to how you are really. If it is OBVIOUSLY who you are then it isn't something which you will be " functioning on" neither is it a thing that requires a large amount of effort to ensure that you be doing this. It just comes natural. Some of the descriptive terms below are incredibly flattering phrases and some will be unflattering words and phrases. Don't answer according to how you need to be or no longer want to be. END UP BEING COMPLETELY 100% HONEST WITH YOURSELF.... BE ORGANIC ABOUT WHO HAVE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW AT THIS POINT IN YOUR YOUR LIFE. SCORING REQUIREMENTS: Score how each term best details you: 1= 3= " That is not at all me! " " That is usually myself. " 5= 2= 4= " That is certainly definitely me personally! " " That is usually NOT me. " " That is certainly mostly me personally. "


__ emotional __ egotistical __ interrupts others __ caring __ impulsive __ messy __ not practical __ funny __ forgetful __ easily discouraged __ very positive __ very easily angered __ undisciplined __ extrovert __ refreshing __ lively/spirited __ weak-willed __ spontaneous __ talkative __ delightful/cheerful __ enjoyable __ popular __ friendly/sociable __ " bouncy" __ restless __ problems concentrating __ likes to play __ problems keeping promises __ hails from present __ difficulty with appointments


__ optimistic __ determined __ bossy __ goal-oriented __ decisive __ frank __ self-confident __ sarcastic __ workaholic __ self-sufficient __ practical __ headstrong __ activist __ outgoing __ domineering __ adventurous __ aggressive __ competitive __ leadership capability __ exciting __ persevering __ striking __ strong-minded __ powerful __ hot-tempered __ resourceful __ insensitive __ outspoken __ unsympathetic __ successful


__ profound feeling __ critical __ insecure __ sensitive __ indecisive __ hard to please __ self-centered __ pessimistic __ depressed very easily __ quickly offended __ idealistic __ loner __ self-sacrificing __ introvert __ faithful good friend __ synthetic __ thoughtful __ wants behind the scenes __ suspicious __ respectful __ introspective __ planner __ perfectionist __ scheduled __ unforgiving/resents __ orderly __ creative __ detailed __ moody __ gifted (musically or athletically)


__ extremely quiet __ selfish __ unenthusiastic __ negative __ regular daily habits __ hesitant __ shy __ stingy __ aimless __ not extreme __ uncooperative __ worrier __ spectator of existence __ is effective under pressure __ indecisive __ adaptable __ slow and lazy __ submissive to others __ laid back __ arranged __ relaxed and cool __ content/satisfied __ effective __ patient __ dependable __ audience __ witty/dry humor __ pleasant __ teases other folks __ regular


Personality Temperament Test


ONCE YOU HAVE FINISHED ALL four SECTIONS... Once you have completed every 4 Sections go back and cancel out each description that you scored either a 1 or 2 simply by drawing a line through that number. Since that scores are so low it doesn't seriously apply to your entire scoring in each Section. Now add up all of the 3's, 4's, & 5's in each Section and create your total at the bottom of every appropriate section. The section with the...

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Persona Temperament Test
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