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 Essay about Ratio Examination


The items appearing in financial statements will be meaningful and useful to the executives; owners; creditors etc… provided they are properly assessed in such a way that a single item is usually compared with an additional. Ratio evaluation is one of the tools with the help of which will analysis of economic statement is completed. Ratio research helps the calculation of number of accounting ratios by making use of items present in financial statements. It helps for the comparison of the accounting ratio with those of past years or perhaps those of different concerns engaged in similar occupation etc…. CATEGORY OF ACCOUNTING RATIOS

The ratios will be classified into:

1 . Fluidity ratios

2 . Leverage proportions

3. Turnover proportions

4. Profitability ratios

1 . Liquidity percentages are also referred to as short term solvency ratios describes the fluid or the short term solvency. It is further grouped as follows; a) Current rate

b) Quick / acid test ratio

c) Absolute liquidity rate

a) Current rate: It expresses the relationship between current assets and current liabilities. The right current proportion is 2: 1 . If the actual rate is a couple of: 1 or even more than this, it indicates the liquidity or perhaps short term solvency. b) Quick / rough draft ratio: Speedy ratio creates the relationship between quick assets and speedy liabilities. The normal or best quick proportion is you: 1 . If the actual quick ratio much more than 1: 1 this denotes the concern can pay away its short-run liabilities away of the quick realizable assets. c) Absolute fluid ratio: It can be more strenuous ratio to measure the fluid concern. The best absolute proportion is 1: 2 . installment payments on your Leverage percentages measure the relative interest in the owner and creditors with the concern. What this means is the risk of the creditors because against the owners and long term financial position. It really is further grouped into: a) Debt value ratio

b) Debt service coverage/fixed expenses cover percentage

c) Capital gearing...

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