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 Essay regarding ozone opening

Before I discuss the ozone hole, I want to talk about what ozone is definitely. Ozone is known as a gas that is certainly made of 3 oxygen atoms and it's found up in the atmosphere (stratosphere layer). These types of three fresh air atoms are really important to all of us because they will protect all of us from UV radiation. The moment UV rays try to come to earth they come across these types of three fresh air atoms and hits them, converting all of them into fresh air gas (O2) and another oxygen (O). That stops the UV rays from arriving at earth. Ozone hole means that it's a location where simply no ozone or perhaps ozone is usually depleted.

The ozone hole topic is so important mainly because if we didn't care about this we would be dead since if there is no ozone or if there is a hole in it we are exposed to UV rays which can destruction DNA, skin cells, plants, pets or animals, and eye. Also Ultra violet rays can cause sunburns, which are extremely painful. Researchers discovered the ozone pit in the twentieth century inside the Antarctic as well as noticed an unusual type of clouds in the polar stratosphere. During that time the experts did not know that these types of clouds caused the ozone hole. Later in the 1970s scientists identified that these clouds caused the ozone opening in the Antarctic when they noticed that the chlorine gases in the lower stratosphere interacted with tiny impair particles that form in extremely chilly temperatures. This process increases the effectiveness of chlorine gas launch into reactive forms that may rapidly consume ozone. Chlorine causes the ozone gap because it responds with ozone which form oxygen gas (O2) and chlorine monoxide (ClO). The greater problem is that scientists pointed out that the volume of the ozone layer is in steady decline. The scientists determined the reason immediately when Outspoken Sherwood Rowland, Chemistry Teacher at the University or college of Washington dc at Irvine, and his postdoctoral associate Mario Molina discovered that the long-lived CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon or Freon) would reach the stratosphere where they will be dissociated by AS WELL AS light, liberating Cl...

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ozone hole
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