SNS: A Friend or a Foe

By: Karlo Benecio A. Cezar II

Have you ever heard of the word Facebook or Twitter? How about Askjeeve Mail, Bebo, Tagged, Foursquare or Reddit? Maybe you might have heard persons around you buzzing about " tweets", " add like a friend", " follow me", " like my content? " and even " reblogs". Sounds familiar?

These things will be what we named social networking sites or perhaps SNS. It happens to be a form of on the net service or perhaps site by which it targets the building of social relations among people who share same interests, activities, backgrounds, or perhaps real-life links with each other. Everybody who wishes to have an account of an existing social site can can get on freely and will already work with SNS directly. Today, even youngsters has an account so thus mid-age or old age group people contains a social consideration already.

Almost all of the social networks to choose from, offers free sign up in which we can send out forth e-mails and paperwork in a matter of small amount of time for free. We even set up a chat from children or a good friend far away a person, call these people over the internet or even befriend with someone you wish to always be friend. You can even share what's happening with your life at this time, share your photos to everyone from an event and even express yourself and your thoughts, the freedom and commotions inside of you by simply typing this down and sharing those to everyone. An individual who joins any social networking sites has its own preference on how he/she will use it.

Sharing is what Social networking is all about, thus, writing same pursuits bonds persons more jointly. Exchanging cool music and files from one another, speaking about ideas of a certain issues and issues or even referring to your popular idols are merely how it truly is been done. Likewise, when you already develop a friendship over the net, you'll be keeping in touch with each other in which you could do talks with them and be linked with these people to form a web of connections that could give you leveraging if you perform your...


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