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 Essay regarding Online Questions System Case Study


PROJECT SPECS. (This will cover 30% of the final term grade. )

1 . The advocates must design and style, develop a web-based quiz produced in PHP. Features of the website include: Every quiz takers must enroll or produce a profile 1st using a databases in MySQL. Fields include: user id, last name, 1st name, central name, study course, year level, subject, section, address, contact information, username, and password. Various other tables (such questions data) may be used or perhaps created.

Test takers uses their username and password to sign in and take the quiz. The questions must at least be twenty items with topics in PHP and MySQL. After login, they can take the test and see their score after. Display of score contains the uncooked score and its equivalent percentage. Using the database, quiz takers can enroll, view, search, and modify their info. A report on the summary of quiz takers and their results must be exhibited. (For admin access just. See get levels under. )

installment payments on your The supporters must present their systems in a number of a maximum of 5 members..

three or more. Other features:

provides useful interface

create your own home page

validation in all domains is required, which means users can not have erroneous inputs Simplicity of use. System has to be very easy to work with. The user user interface is clean and natural also to newbies. Other functions or screen may or may not be included like: screen of appropriate answers, total wrong and right answers, etc . Officer can add questions to the quiz.

4. Access levels:

Supervisor – every access to features like, browsing of the statement of all questions takers and their scores, add/register/edit/search users, and other important roles or perhaps rights. Test takers (users) - can easily register, view, edit their profiles. They can see the report after taking quiz.

5. Use the structure below to your documentation. Use short connect paper.

6th. Presentation will be on the week before the Last...

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On the web Quiz System Case Study
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