NIKE Example

Krystle Batallador

University of Phoenix

MGT 448

Mentor Michael Ladah

The Nike Corporation may be the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. The corporation takes its name from the Traditional goddess of victory, and has achieved its trustworthiness of being victorious in the showing off good sector for over ten years. Nike offers amassed shooting upwards production amounts through individually contracting businesses outside of america to manufacture product " Nike marketed about 280 million tennis shoes, cross-trainers and running shoes recently. Doubling production workers' salary in China and tiawan would price Nike, which in turn last year experienced revenues of almost $14 billion a year” (Dreier, 2007) Millions of people worldwide have marveled at the accomplishment of the organization. Millions of Americans have got partaken purchasing product of Nike. Nike offers a quality brand that may be endorsed by simply celebrities and idol sports athletes, but millions of people are unaware of just how Nikes engagement with freelancing to third globe countries in have created great controversy with labor unions, and more important employees during these countries. ” Today's global economy can be characterized by speedy and at moments wrenching adjustments, driven by competition, new technologies, and a continuing hunt for cheaper methods and markets” (Thinking Critically, 2008). Nike must be aware that along with the need for production and distribution of goods and providers they are nonetheless dealing with people and corporations.

Nike offers manufacturing production facilities in Indonesia, China, and Vietnam. Nike does not possess full title of these production facilities they are subcontracted out to independent businesses that then make use of local residents. Nike still carries omnipotent power in regulating how the companies are operate in these countries. Globalization is a type of growth for firms which can give positive offers for the neighborhood community like providing careers and developing...

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