Module I actually: Introduction

Product sales management- Principle, Objectives and functions. Development of revenue management. Nature and function of Revenue Manager's work. Sales management as a career. Emerging trends in sales management.

Module II: Product sales Organization

Purpose of sales firm. Setting product sales organization. Types of sales organization. Coordination of providing functions to marketing actions. Sales foretelling of.

Component III: Handling sales work

Sales Spending budget: Purpose and budgetary method. Quotas: Idea, Objectives and Types. Sales Territory: Strategy and process of creating sales areas, Routing and Scheduling of Sales force. Revenue Audit.

Module IV: Managing Sales Force

Concept of sales force managing. Recruitment and Selection of sales personnel (domestic and foreign perspective). Get across Cultural issues. Sales schooling. Compensating and motivating product sales personnel. Handling and considering sales employees.

Module V: Division Management and channel control

Distribution programs: Concept and need. Division Channel Strategy. Managing distribution channel. Features of effective funnel design. Funnel Conflict: Idea and periods. Conflict management.

Module VI: Logistics Management

Objectives of strategies. Concept of strategies planning: inventory management decisions, transportation decisions, Location decisions.

Component I: Intro

Consumer Actions: Definition and significance. Understanding consumer and market. Big difference in individual buyer behaviour and organizational buyer actions. Market segmentation: lifestyle and demographic segmentation, usage segmentation, benefit segmentation. Product positioning.

Module 2: Environmental influences

Culture: That means and Attributes. Cross Ethnical understanding of Buyer Behaviour. Subculture. Social Groupings: Meaning and formation of your group. Reference point groups. Effect of guide groups in consumer behavior. Family: Lifecycle and it's...


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