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Common Mistakes in Learning The english language

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Instructions: Color the group of friends that refers your solution. You may choose more than one answer. Read properly.

1 . What is/are the common errors in learning English?

2. Grammar problems

* Misspelled words

5. Mistakes in verb tenses

* Increased

* Misusage of punctuation marks

2 . What is/are the causes of mistakes in English?

* Lack of involvement in learning English

* Unaware there are rules in constructing sentence in your essay

* Received influenced by simply social networking sites

5. Incapable to understand English vocabulary

* A lot of errors might due to typographical errors

three or more. What is/are the effects of errors in British?

* The idea of the idea usually do not match with the real which means. * Can diminish the impact of your operate

* Struggling in creating grammars

5. Having uncertainty

four. What are the benefits you obtain when you are conscious of those prevalent mistakes in English?

2. Feel free to use/construct sentences in English

5. Can talk about the knowledge that you know

* Self-confident to express yourself

* Gain rewards

five. What are different ways to right your faults?

* Arranged time to review your writing to spot common sentence structure mistakes 2. Concentrate on the difficulties and discover how to get that right 5. Read a whole lot of articles concerning means correct problems * Offer attention in learning English

5. Consult a language expert

6th. How can you stop having problems in learning British?

* Familiarize yourself inside the nature of numerous words

5. Learn more British expressions that will make use of accurate grammar 5. Listen/watch lectures that involves improving proficiency in english

* Examine English content and set a hobbit

2. Consult a tutorial course

7. Why do we need to research the common errors in English language?...


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