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Accomplishment Standard: 90981

Make economic decision for an individual or perhaps group

Source reference: Accounting 90981 (1. 6)

Credits: 3

Scholar instructions bed sheet


This kind of assessment job requires one to:

• Accumulate printed and/or electronic info (and give details of the sources)

Your data should be collected by secondary sources (e. g. Internet study, brochures, newspaper publishers, magazines etc) but you can also choose to include information by primary options (e. g. an interview with a bank expert or a car sales manager)

• Make a cash spending budget comparing by least two finance choices using relevant financial and relevant nonfinancial information

Financial information should be linked to the economical decision and can include: • relevant costs

• cash budget

• interest rate alternatives

• Prepare a report which will be in an appropriate form (an ideal form may a computer-aided presentation, a written survey, a film video (perhaps just like the TV plan Target), a magazine document for add-on in a publication like Consumer, or some additional form of demonstration. Discuss your opinions with your tutor to obtain last approval.

This will require a lot of class as well as some out of school period.

Your exploration sources and data and a fixed cover sheet should be handed in with your report or after your presentation. These are not assessed tend to be used to confirm authenticity with the collected info.

Due Date: __________________________________

This activity has three parts:

Portion A Gather secondary (and possibly primary) data

Component BPrepare cash budget

Part CPrepare a written report


You have now completed your Business Management degree and are going to start the first job. You will need a car to get to and from job. You have saved $2, 500 from your last holiday task. Your family features agreed to ensure any financial loan with a financial institution or finance company on the condition that you do not use more than 20 dollars, 000 within the car.

The purpose of this analysis is to analysis two alternatives for loans the acquiring your initially car.

Anyone with required to purchase two automobiles. Choose one car within your budget range and then study two ways to finance the payment with the amount owing in addition to your $2, 500 deposit.

COMPONENT A Accumulate secondary (and possibly primary) data in relation to two loans options for a car buy

Resource A and Resource B may possibly assist you with this section with the assessment activity. The following example table can help you come up with ideas ideas about sources of information relevant to your vehicle purchase, additional associated costs to allow you to complete a cash price range, and other details that will effect your financing option decision.


| | | |SOURCES DETAILS |TYPE OF INFORMATION EXPECTED | |Automobile Association |This may help with details about estimates of car running costs| | |and side by side comparisons of automobile insurance costs. | | |Have run car for years and know all the different costs involved in | |My Parents |running cars | |My parents |Can show me which loan companies may deal with me unfairly if I am late | |...


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