People's lifestyles have superior and the method parents manage their children has changed, too. For me, parents today do not shell out as much attention to their children since parents did in the past.

Firstly, the increasing financial pressure features somehow forced both parents to function. In the past, the responsibility of one from the parents was to make money, even though the other might take care of the children all the time. Yet , since equally parents need to work nowadays, they do not have sufficient time to be with their kids. Consequently, instead of caring for their children, mother and father are now hiring babysitters to look after them. Furthermore, many parents even have little time to not prepare breakfast time and meal nor eat with their children. For this reason, father and mother choose to just give the kids some money so that they can get their meals.

Second, the competition at school among children's peers is more serious than ever. In the past, kids always went home after school and the parents might help them do the homework. In addition , children can enjoy their very own weekends and do some outdoor activities with their parents. However , parents today actually worry about all their children's levels at institution, so they choose to send out the kids to cram schools to learn or perhaps improve abilities in music, painting, mentally stimulating games, and so on. Because of this, youngsters are experiencing very little company from their father and mother, even in weekends.

In conclusion, modern life styles have caused parents to pay less time with their children, and parents tend to utilize babysitters or instructors to accompany and guide their children.


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