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Intro to Sociology


The McDonaldization of World

Axiomatic Propositions

Chapter you

1 . The greater we McDonaldize, the more our lives become scripted.

installment payments on your The simpler things turn into, the much less we can perform to address their problems.

three or more. The more we all mass-produce, the " easier” things turn into.

4. The greater McDonaldization, the less service.

5. The more things are controlled, the significantly less " real” interaction we now have.

Chapter 2

6. The similar our company is to one another, the more important our differences become.

7. The greater rational things are, the much less interesting they become.

8. The less all of us fight, the more we reduce control.

on the lookout for. The more all of us accept points, the more alter.

10. The less were asked to accomplish at work, the greater gets finished.

Chapter a few

11. The less responsibility we are offered, the more other folks have to do.

12. The more we customize points, the for a longer time they take.

13. The more field of expertise, the more distance.

14. A lot more excuses we all make, the more we comply with others.

12-15. The more all of us allow visitors to push all of us around, a lot more they will.

Section 4

18. The more we make, the cheaper it is.

17. The more sellers, the fewer potential buyers.

18. A lot more demand, the less quality.

19. A lot more specialized we could, the more unattached we turn into.

20. The easier we try to make issues, the more challenges we will have.

Chapter 5

21. The more instruction were given, the less we could prepared we could for the unexpected.

22. The more scripted things become, the more corriente they are.

twenty three. The more we could forced to do things, the fewer we placed in them.

twenty-four. The more buy that is compelled upon us, the harder they break apart.

25. The more high profile the branding, the blander the merchandise.

Chapter 6th

26. A lot more technology, the less identity.

27. The simpler the jobs are, the less shell out one receives.

28. The faster the roles, the less expensive the cost.

29. The more affordable the costs, the worse the item....


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